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Welcome to Conquer Legacy!

For years i have searched for a classic Conquer Online server that had all the useful features of the modern game, no matter how hard I tried i could not find one. I wanted to bring back the memories without the clunky feel of 5095 clients, so i decided to make my own, and it has been a huge success so far! You will not find a better more complete classic server with mind blowing performance and ping. We are the best and we are here to stay!

Why Play Conquer Legacy?

  • Category : 2.0 Conquer Online private server
  • Classes : Archer - Warrior - Trojan - Taoist
  • Stats : Max level 137 - Max Reborn 2 - Max Compose +12
  • Rates :Good Experience Rate 2x Weapon Prof - 2x Item Drops - 2x Mining + Compose - DB 5K - 10k Kills - Meteor 1K - 2k Kills
  • Host : Quad hosted USA Dedicated servers, you will not find a better performing server than ours.
  • Type Of Server : Classic, we have taken the best features from the modern game and added them to classic
  • Most Exciting Features: Full arena qualifier - Bosses - Events - Reincarnation - Pure Skills & Much More!
  • Events: Super Guild War - Elite PK - Team PK - Skill Team PK - Class PK - Pole Domination - Last Man Standing & More

How To Install & Play

1. Download the client from any of the 3 links.

2. Download & install winrar if you dont already have it from here.

3. Right click on ConquerLegacy.rar and choose 'Extract'

4. Extract the Client to your desktop.

5. Create an account here here.

6. Run Play.exe and Enjoy!